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Holds your Smartphone

Your arms and hands work so hard to hold your smartphone in position while you interact with your device.

Wearable Anytime and Anywhere

The Handee Holder is designed to be wearable anytime and anywhere, having taken inspiration from the humble waist bag.

The straps can also be folded to make the Handee Holder compact for storage.

Cool bag for your Essentials

The Handee Holder allows you to carry your smartphone as well as some other essential items in its different compartments.


The Handee Holder is an innovative and unique product by Lifesaver P.M.C.S ltd, a start up company based in London, UK. It has been designed for practicability, efficiency and comfort:

The main strap is easily attached around the user's waist with the help of Velcro mechanism.

The main strap is made of neoprene which is stretchable and durable. It is widely used in the sports wear industry.

The strap has the specific width to provide the best support, comfort and aesthetic appearance around the user's waist.

There are two other mini straps with locking buckles for extra support to the waist.

The bag has been designed to be big enough to contain the retracted stand as well as other essentials, but is small enough to compliment the user's aesthetic look .

The bag has two inner compartments for small items and an outer zip compartment.

The flaps can be used to carry larger objects.

The stand is 24 cm long when fully retracted.

The stand has frictional joints, easily operated by hand.

The stand can use the inner supporting straps and the zip mechanism of the bag to provide extra support to the stand in more challenging positions.

The Handee Holder will initially come in two  sizes, SM (Small to Medium) and ML(Medium-Large). SM=26-34 inch ML=33-44 inch